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Steven Gerrard Officially retired as a Professional football player

Former Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard (36), officially ended his career as a professional footballer after playing football for 18 years.

Gerrard made the announcement on Thursday (24/12/2016) local time.

He hung the shoe after his contract with Major League Soccer (MLS) United States.

Steven Gerrard Officially retired as a Professional football player

"I had a great career and is grateful for the time I skip in Liverpool, United Kingdomnational football team, as well as the LA Galaxy. I am fulfilling my childhood dream of wearing the uniform.

"I never imagined what I would go through for 18 years ahead when melakoni debut against Blackburn Rovers on November 1998.0" said Gerrard in his official statement.

Gerrard spent the majority of his career at Liverpool. For 16 seasons remained at Anfield, Gerrard played 710 times and scoring 186 goals.

He also became the captain of The Reds from 2003 to 2014.

Player birth Whiston, 30 May 1980, it led Liverpool to win the Champions League 2004-2005 after winning on penalties against AC Milan in Istanbul, Turkey.

Gerrard also won a number of titles, including two FA Cup titles, three League Cup titles, one FA Community Shield trophy, as well as the UEFA Cup and UEFA Super Cup.

However, He never felt the title of Premier League.

Steven Gerrard Officially retired as a Professional football player

"I was fortunate to experience a lot of amazing things in my career. I am proud to be able to play more than 700 times for Liverpool and most with status as captain. Of course there is nothing more amazing than helping Sepatu Bola Liverpool reach for the title, especially in Istanbul, "lanut Gerrard.

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At an international level, Gerrard played for United Kingdom as much as 114 times and scored 9 goals.

He participated in the 2004 and 2012 European Cup, World Cup 2006, 2010and 2014, as well as serving as Captain since 2010 to 2014 when he retreated from The Three Lions.

"I am honored to be able to play 114 times for the United Kingdom and became a captain. I will always remember the experience with a sense of pride, "said Gerrard.

At the end of his statement, He hinted that he remains open to the possibility of returning to the world of football with different capacities.

"I'm considering a few options and will announce it as soon as possible," said Gerrard.

United Kingdom national team caretaker, Gareth Southgate, reportedly will soon get a contract from the United Kingdom Football Federation (FA).

Southgate requested train United Kingdom for a while after the sudden resignationof Sam Allardyce. 62-year-old coach was retired from the transfer case stuck up young players illegally.

Southgate, who previously was only appointed as an interim coach, before the FA to find a replacement for the main, thus now likely to become the 16th coach United Kingdom throughout history.

As rumored Telegraph, Southgate will get a contract duration of four years from theFA. Announcement-old coach assignment 46 that year as The Three Lions skipper this on Monday (28/11/1999).

Southgate is rumored to have received a contract offer and live interviews with theFA on Wednesday (23/12/2016).

Telegraph preach that the salary that will be acceptable to the former Middlesbrough Manager it amounted to 1.5 million pounds (around Rp 25 billion) per year.

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Steven Gerrard Officially retired as a Professional football player

That number is estimated to be only half of the earnings, Allardyce that allegedly reaches 3 million pounds per year.

For being the caretaker of a United Kingdom, Southgate has had three World Cup qualifying matches of the 2016 facing Malta, Slovenia, and Scotland.

One more game that ever faced Southgate was against Spain in the test matches.

From the fourth game, not even the United Kingdom suffered a defeat. The breakdown is a double win (Malta and Scotland) and two draw (Spain and Slovenia).

Origin of the Sweden striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic supports Manchester United plan to recruit fellow Irishman, Victor Lindeloef, on stock transfers January 2017.

The team called the Red Devil trying to fix the back line with bringing a new Defender. One name that santer became the target of Benfica central defender, isLindeloef.

In fact, co-discoverer of Man United's rumoured several times coming into the match Benfica to monitor the appearance of the Lindeloef.

Steven Gerrard Officially retired as a Professional football player

Man United's plan to get Lindeloef is expected to be running smoothly. According to the Brazilian, Lindeloef was prepared in a large Club.

"In my opinion, Victor do things extraordinary. He is a great game for Benfica and she has a great responsibility for the national team. He's grown, "said Ibrahimovic.

"If he's good enough for United? In my opinion, he's pretty good for a big club. Depending him about his decision. Whatever the decision that is best for him, "said Ibrahimovic.

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2016: PFL Pelindo admits to Thailand, PLN 2-Black Steel

Some teams continued to prepare to face a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016 which will begin in early February. From some of the test matches begin, so choice.

On Wednesday (27/2) for example, Electric PLN trial against deploying Black Steel atTifosi Sport Center, East Jakarta. In this match, the squad's successful Hutabarat Vennard silence team Papua which is also under coach by former player A ball of Bogor,Sayan Karmadi, by a score of 6-2.

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While IPC Pelindo has been flying to Thailand to attend a mini tournament entitled10 Years Anniversary ' Chonburi Bluewave Futsal Tournament 2016 '. Pelindo will meet with the Asian futsal champions se  like Bluewave, Chonburi, Nagoya Vasagey Oita and Ocean from Japan.

In the game, Randy Satria dkk will meets hosts South on Friday (29/1). However, thedifficulty will not be predictable Pelindo against Chonburi because some star players such as Chonburi Kritsada Wongkaew cannot appear due to dibekap injury.

2016: PFL Pelindo admits to Thailand, PLN 2-Black Steel

Nutmeg or Panna is one of the tricks to get past an opponent who often practiced in the game of soccer or futsal.

Nutmeg is a term from the Europeans, while Panna is a term from the latin Americans. If the language dictionary children our futsal is ' dikolongin '.

Actually, this trick is more likely to be practiced by the Street Soccer. The player will pass the ball between his opponents groin sidelines.

First appearance of the term nutmeg is still so the debate up to the present. Some say, that the term first appeared in the novel entitled ' A Bad Lot ' Brian Glanville in 1977. But according to the book Over The Moon, Brian  The Language of Football, ' said nutmeg is the development of the word nuts frequently uttered by the athletewhen it got past opposing players rolled the ball through a way both of their feet.

The other theory is spoken by Peter Seddon in his book, ' the Football Talk Sepatu Futsal  The Folkore of Language And The world's Greatest Games. '
In the book the words of the nutmeg first appeared when American exports with the United Kingdom. "Nutmegs were such a valuable commodity exporters that are immoral are done by inserting a wooden replica to be sent to the United Kingdom," writes Seddon in his book.

So people affected by nutmeg likened as cheated and're fooled. That's why when a player opponents successfully bypassed in this manner, then the taste of the waterwill be doubled any self esteem even fell.

Are you one of the players who are often exposed to nutmeg when play futsal?