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Juventus Ignore Profit Rp 580 Billions for the sake of Dybala

The appointment of Vincenzo Montella (42) as coach of AC Milan to fulfill his destiny with architect docking between Torino, Sinisa Mihajlovic (47). Both are treading a very similar career in coaching the Club.

Montella and Mihajlovic seems destined to complement each other. The two former players were equally acclaimed strengthen Sampdoria in 1996-1998.

Montella then status as one of the best young striker in Italy, while Mihajlovic built a reputation as a formidable alien Defender.

Gait in Sampdoria's not the only thing that hooked them. Montella's fate and Miha relationship continues to the level of coaching.

Her certainty Montella to Milan on Tuesday (28/6/2016) continue the tradition itselfalways handle the clubs that have been left Mihajlovic, though not directly.

Juventus Ignore Profit Rp 580 Billions for the sake of Dybala

The pattern of the relay began at Catania. Started her career early, Mihajlovic coached menukangi Catania in 2009-2010.

He is credited with bringing the club finished 13th in the standings and away from the relegation zone. However, the Serbian man then resigned in May 2010.

A year later, Catania announced the appointment of a new coach as Montella after two previous architect interspersed, Marco Giampaolo and Diego Simeone. Montellaalso just survived a season in Catania in 2011-2012.

Meanwhile, Mihajlovic received on Fiorentina in 2010 until being fired in November2011 due to a series of bad results.

Later in the season in 2012-2013, Montella appointed Fiorentina in hopes of scoringthe results memberbaiki clubs.

The former AS Roma player was brought Fiorentina to finish in fourth place in threeconsecutive seasons (2012-2015).

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Juventus Ignore Profit Rp 580 Billions for the sake of Dybala

Miha and Montella also both back to their former club, Sampdoria, with function as a coach.

There has been no concrete steps undertaken Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) to recruit Gonzalo Dismisses from Naples. Such claims agent at once the player's brother, Nicolas Dismisses.

Earlier, Nicolas Dismisses "attack" President Aurelio De Laurentiis that Naples is not considered serious in the transfer market. On that basis, the players refused to accept a renewal of the contract.

The dealer does not thus undergoing negotiations with other clubs. Although, PSG reported meminati the player to replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

"For a month, I was in Argentina. However, I had a chance to visit Paris for the benefit of clients and colleagues, "said Nicolas Dismisses.

"I don't need to speak with the Club of Paris about my brother. If he wants, PSG must contact the De Laurentiis, "said he.

In addition, the Agency Dismisses also dismissed the rumors of secret meetings between the Liverpool Manager himself, Juergen Klopp.

For Club enthusiasts, the transfer Time is not easy realizable. Because, De Laurentiis demand activation clause release worth 94 million euros (around Rp 1.3 trillion).

Juventus earn a profit of 40 million euros (around Rp 580 billion) or 100 percent of the purchase price if selling Paulo Dybala to Barcelona.

The claims leveled by Gustavo Mascardi, founder of the Agency player overshadowing Dybala, Mascardi Group.

Interviews were with rumors that Harga Sepatu Futsal Specs Mascardi diembuskan media-European media in the last month. Barcelona reportedly projected Dybala as suksesor when Neymar decided to leave.

Juventus Ignore Profit Rp 580 Billions for the sake of Dybala

Not just another monitor, the club called La Blaugrana have lifted official deals worth 80 million euros (around Rp 1.16 trillion) after 2015-2016 season ends.

"True, Barcelona meminati Dybala in recent months. I think that they have doubled the value of paid Juventus, "said Mascardi.

Juventus redeem Dybala at a price of 32 million euros in the summer of 2015. There are 8 million additional euros depending of original forward Argentina's performance of it.

In the eyes of the Juventus decision Mascardi, refused an offer that gives a positive effect for career Dybala. This is because the player is already proven shines in Turin.

In his first season, Dybala contributed 23 goals and nine assists from 46 matches allthe event.

"As a player, the more important consideration to gain experience at the club that provides opportunity for success at the highest level," said Mascardi.

In the future, the status of Dybala at Juventus is still far from the word safe. In addition to Barcelona, Real Madrid also rumored memonitori players aged 22 years.