Selasa, 20 Desember 2016

The Father Thrust Pogba Leave

Juventus got positive signals reserved the possibility of obtaining striker Edinson Cavani, Uruguay. For the report of France mentioned that the former Napoli striker refused to extend his contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

It's no secret anymore if Juventus target Cavani. This 29-year-old player became the first choice to replace the position of Alvaro Morata, who has returned to Real Madrid. Juventus could not withstand Morata, because Real Madrid enable repurchase clause as stated in agreement when Morata moved to Juventus Stadium in 2014.

Initially, Cavani identified would survive in the Parc des Princes after Zlatan Ibrahimovic decided to move to Manchester United. But claims agent Cavani refused to renew the contract after the Ligue 1 giants he was "dianaktirikan".

Yes, Cavani was forced to play widened during the costumed PSG. This is because the main striker alias target man is always given to Ibrahimovic. No wonder if performance decreases greatly if Cavani compared to when the costumed Napoli.

Last season along with Napoli (2012-2013), Cavani scored 28 goals for the Club in the Serie a. But over at PSG, Cavani hadn't touched the figure in the annual event forthe Ligue 1. In the first season at PSG, Cavani scored 16 goals, then the second season up to 18 goals and 19 touchdowns last season.

Actually, Cavani is still bound to a contract with PSG until June 2018. But if its fortifications were not willing to extend the contract then the option to sell him to Juventus in the summer, this is the most realistic so that PSG could not miss him in vain after buying it at a price of 64 million euros (about Idr 934.562 billion).

Father Paul Pogba, Fassou Antoine Pogba, encouraging his son to move from Juventus. The father's comments became fresh breeze for Real Madrid.

Interest in Madrid against Pogba indeed has become a public secret. Starting from agent, Mino Raiola, Pogba to coach Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, no such news belies.

Lastly, turn Fassou Antoine justifies the approach from Madrid. In fact, he claimed, has gained the blessing of Pogba's transfer from the family.

"What we want is he plays better in the League. He himself will decide where it belongs, "said Antoine Fassou to Cuatro.

Up to nowSepatu Specs Futsal Madrid is rumored to have not yet reached an agreement with Juventusprice. I called the Bianconeri club called pegged around 120 million euros (around Rp 1.7 trillion).

The Father Thrust Pogba Leave

Not easy for Los Blancos, the nickname of Madrid. If it meets the demand for Juventus, they are at once the most expensive player predicates stripping the world of Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the middle of a lot of negotiations between the two clubs, the media-media United Kingdom reported maneuvering from Manchester United.

Jose Mourinho's team is ready to meet is preached. The entrance to the Old Traffrod Pogba is also wide open because of the good relationship of Man United with Raiola.

Raiola also became the agent for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who joined Man United with the status of a free transfer.

After the success of majority of the Serie A for five seasons in a row, it was time to put a higher target of Juventus. Allenatore Massimiliano Allegri has indeed expressed the desire of the penetrated into European scene.

Allegri insisted that Juventus frame of mind in gazing at the new season 2016-17 isnot only dominate the domestic competitions, but rather must be successful in theChampions League. This is the real target of Juventus.

Season Champions League scene in 2015-16, Juventus as the hope Italy is indeed quite pitiful.

The Old Lady just team up to knock-out round of 16. Juventus stalled after defeatedBayern Munich Germany whiz.

Therefore, Allegri need new players to realize the targets.

"If the parameters only Serie A, we sure have had a superior team than other teams.However, in order to compete in the Champions League, we must form a new squad, "said Allegri.

Even though it has new players incur some classmates Defender Dani Alves from FCBarcelona and midfielder Miralem Pjanic (AS Roma), Mario Lemina (PSG), as well as legalizing the status of striker Jonathan Ikone (PSG), the addition is considered insufficient.

Moreover, some of the old players are also rumored to be leaving Juventus.

On all positions Must be craving the arrival of star players. Thus, the Juventus gameplayers who for the sake of the realization of the dreams on the altar of the Champions League?

At the position of goalkeeper, Juventus seemed to have not shown interest looking for substitute goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon unintentionally. However, in other positions the Bianconeri have already repeatedly in an exchange of players.