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President Milan Already May Leave The Hospital

Juventus on Wednesday (6/7/2016) confirm that Alvaro Morata will return to Real Madrid. Morata returns to the Santiago Bernabeu after Real Madrid to reactivate purchase clause attacker origin Spain.

"All that is in the Juventus are hoping Alvaro got the best wherever he is and thankhim for his outstanding pengabadian for 2 years for the team," Juventus at the official site.

Juventus acquired Morata in July 2014 with a transfer value of 20 million euros (around Rp 298 billion). During his time in Turin, Morata recorded 27 goals and had 19 assists from 93 matches throughout the competition.

He felt the success each 2 Serie A title and the Coppa Italy. In addition, Morata tasted Champions League final 2015 though finally lost to Barcelona.

President Milan Already May Leave The Hospital

Madrid is rumored to buy Morata at a price of 30 million euros (around Rp 448 billion).

However, according to the news of a growing Real recruiting Morata with is amounting to 32 million euros (around Rp 478 billion).

Even so, rumors about the future of Morata still keep rolling. Because, there is news that Real Madrid would sell to another Club for the sake of Morata benefit.

Some media in the Specs Futsal United Kingdom had preached the existence of an interest of a number of Premier League clubs against Morata. The clubs already are Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United.

The quarterback of the future Netherlands belonging to Feyenoord Rotterdam, Tonny Vilhena, had accepted the offer of joining Inter Milan. However, the 21-year-oldplayer it has now refused the Nerazzurri for one important reason.

President Milan Already May Leave The Hospital

Vilhena became one of the young stars of the Eredivisie in the last four years. Since17 years old, he has become the most important part of Feyenoord.

As a young player, which pretty much playing time is everything. Because of the importance of this, Vilhena decided to stay at Feyenoord.

Vilhena claimed to have no guarantee of being able to play on a regular basis. This has been the main reason why the players birth 3 January 1995 has chosen to remain at Feyenoord.

"At Inter, I have struggled to get a place to play and who knows how many games will I play?" Algemeen Dagblad to Vilhena said.

"There is no clear plan for me at Inter. When you were young, you have to continue to play and be part of the Club. If not, you can not do anything, "he said.

In addition to the issue of the number of plays that are not obvious, Vilhena also refused to Inter due to the family. Vilhena's mother currently has health issues and should continue to get attention from family, including himself.

"We have talked about this a few times with my mom and I could see that he was not sure. She doesn't like to see me going and he had doubts, "said Vilhena.

"For the love of the mother, this makes me think. So, three weeks before rehearsalsbegan, Feyenoord pramusim I've told dad that I would remain in Feyenoord, "he said.

President Milan Already May Leave The Hospital

Health condition of AC Milan President, Silvio Berlusconi (79), improved gradually. He was allowed to leave the hospital and return to his residence in Arcore.

Berlusconi underwent treatment at the Hospital San Raffaele, Milan. The big boss I, nicknamed the Rossoneri of Milan, take the operating table due to heart problems experiencing convicted on weekend-weekends early June.

Berlusconi underwent surgery on June 14, and recently was allowed to go home at10-15 July.

Medical action needed in order to change the valve on the left side of the heart Chambers that are not functioning well. If the valve is leaking, sufferers will experience shortness of breath, severe fatigue, and swelling on the body.

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Berlusconi apparently recovered faster than estimated. Even so, the doctor AlbertoZangrillo carers give permission under strict supervision for Berlusconi.

"I was deeply moved upon the abundance of appreciation and support received from all sides, even from rival political camps," said the former Prime Minister of Italy that.

Berlusconi will be home to Arcore, Tuesday (5/7/2016), to relax and welcome birthday of his daughter, Marina, on August 10.

The certainty of the Health Club President is also awaited his men on the Board of Directors of Milan. The Rossoneri stronghold was in the stage of accomplishing the negotiations with investors club ownership origin China.