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Napoli Fiorentina Play Juventus, Sliding A Goalless

Napoli managed to shift Juventus from the top of the standings after his victory in the match of the 22nd week of the Serie A Sunday (31/1/2016). Meanwhile, at the same time, Fiorentina played a goalless draw.

Napoli 5-1 victory over Empoli at the San Paolo Stadium. Napoli scored four goals by Gonzalo Dismisses Insigne, Lorenzo, Jose Callejon (two goals), and own goal Michele Camporese.

As for goals in Empoli was created through a hard free kick Leandro Daniel Paredes.

Although acting as host, Napoli had trouble meladeni the resistance of Empoli. In fact, Naples must be left first.

Empoli is surprisingly capable of winning 1-0 in the 28th minute through a goal from beyond Paredes hard Spurn penalty box.

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Napoli Fiorentina Play Juventus, Sliding A Goalless

However, Napoli managed to respond when the game enters the 33 minutes, through the efforts of their top scorer, Dismisses.

Argentina midfielder that placed the ball with sources soon, after receiving the measured cross from Insigne. The score remained 1-pause.

The time of the second half, precisely 51 minutes later, Napoli Empoli goalkeeper to break back through a free kick Insigne. Naples ever turned a superior 2-1.

One minute later, hose excellence Napoli increased to 3-1, thanks to an own goal done, Michele Camporese Empoli Defender.

Napoli no matter their victory strengthened through two goals created Jose Callejon in the 84 and 88. Thus, Napoli 5-1 wins hands down over Empoli.

These victories brought Naples back to the top of the standings by gaining 50 points. Meanwhile, Juventus ousted into second place with 48 points.

Napoli Fiorentina Play Juventus, Sliding A Goalless

Fiorentina Played a goalless draw at home to Genoa

Fiorentina failed to stick to tight Juventus in second place standings after only a 0-draw with Genoa Stadium Luigi Ferraris.

Throughout the game, the squad's Paulo Sousa is actually able to dominate the game. According to Whoscored, a 55-percent mastery record Figures compared to 45per cent belonged to Genoa.

However, the efforts made by Khouma Babacar and Mauro Zarate still hasn't been able to break down the host's goalpost.

Nevertheless, the draw lifted Fiorentina to the Serie A standings with three vendors of 42 points. While Genoa 16 positions with 24 points.

Derbi Milano between AC Milan with Internazionale striker rolled on Monday (1/2/2016) early morning GMT. Each team had a power created the beat your opponent.Here are five major powers Inter made against Milan at San Siro.

1. Single Ljajic Creations

Inter really hope on creativity Adem Ljajic this season. He assists collectors of most create a team with a record of three.

Together with Riccardo Saponara, Ljajic also became the player with the highest odds creation rataan in Serie a.

Napoli Fiorentina Play Juventus, Sliding A Goalless

2. Off-side Trap Shy

Inter got relatively high defensive line. Conditions that make I Nerazzurri should begood at making off-side trap.

Though the team included at least bring the off-side trap create an opponent (an average of 2.2 per game), Inter have one of the duets of the Defender with an average good success in allowing opponents to be outside playing position.

3. The opponent's Offensive Flow Destroyer

Inter have a midfield workhorse midfielder with the character. Although minimal fantasy, the quarterback was at least able to damage the flow of a game.

Among the top 10 teams, Inter is the team the most good at break time. Meaning that contrasts with the three broke the intersep, which in addition also managed to intercept the ball.

4. Submit On Handa

When the defence failed to filter the attack the opponent, Inter still have a Sepatu Futsal Specs Terbaru Samir Handanovic. He is a goalkeeper who could be relied on under the bar.

Penyelamatannya the highest ratio in Serie a. Of 92 shots right on target the opponent he had faced, Handa just let 14 goals happen. Even including one own goal.

A total of penyelamatannya are 79 times or 85.8 percent could beat opponents shot by members of his body.

5. Powerful Moments Away

Performance away to Inter this season better than when mentas home fixture. One of the outstanding evidence is nicks points them more outside the Giuseppe Meazza with 21 points as opposed to the 20.

Other things that can be used as evidence is Mauro Icardi was also sharper outsideMeazza. Of a total of eight goals, five born in opposing stadiums.