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Awards and Offering Gerrard in Liverpool FC Museum

Steven Gerrard had a special place in the eyes of a lover of Liverpool FC. Therefore,a special award given to the player management who currently plays for Los Angeles Galaxy at that.

At the Museum of Liverpool FC who are in the Anfield Stadium, created a special area for Gerrard. In the area, visitors can see the story Gerrad since age 8 years joined Liverpool, his professional career, including travel time to defend the United Kingdom national team.

"This Area is opened when Gerrard decided to leave Liverpool at the end of the 2014-2015 season," said Donna tour guides, while the cashier museum to a number ofStandard Chartered's winners Cup 2016.

"Around July or August, the area opened. Besides the museum, there are also areas in the Boot Room Cafe who portrays the captain's career is fantastic, "he said again.

Awards and Offering Gerrard in Liverpool FC Museum

One of the interesting parts of a special area that Gerrard is the existence of a number of players from the Club jersey rivals Liverpool.

"Costume-this costume is not the world will look for me," sound of the writings of Gerrard in glass cabinets display the jersey it.
Gerrard has indeed become one of the players are hooked collect jersey. Each Exchange jersey, she is always mengoleksinya.

Costumes-costumes in the museum's collection was on display at home Gerrard him. But, he seems to also want to offer up memories-memories of the time played itto his fans.

Awesomeness Anfield Stadium for Liverpool FC team not only felt pressure from the audience. "Coldatmosphere already felt the team's locker room or guest since thedressing room the players.

One of the unique things from the locker room at Anfield is a size large. Compared to the team locker room, the players of Liverpool FC have a size smaller.

"Actually, the guest team dressing room originally was a ration of Liverpool. However, in the late 1950s, legendary manager Bill Shankly's management asking for a switch, "said Jimmy Couzens stadium tour guides, who accompany the winner of the Standard Chartered Cup 2016, Saturday (7/5/2016).

Awards and Offering Gerrard in Liverpool FC Museum

Not without reason Shankly move dressing room the players. The first reason is related. By being in a smaller space, described Couzens, instruction Manager becomes more apparent to players.

"The team dressing room floor Condition is also more slick. They will already be feeling the chill reception at Anfield from the dressing room. It cannot be separated from the number of air conditioner. While in the dressing room, Liverpool air warmer"said Couzens.

The tour guides had a liver bird tattoo on his left chest's occult beliefs explain owned by Shankly.

"Shankly always believe the reply right direction have positive magi. In the dressing room at the moment, when the players got off the bus will turn to the right. So alsowhen entering the stadium, will turn to the right, "said Couzens again.

Interesting awaited position player's dressing room while the main tribune Anfield Stadium. Starting next season, the main tribune Anfield will be a tribune with the highest installed capacity, of around 21,000 seats.

Liverpool FC at the end of the 1980s, John Aldridge, still like the bitterness of defeatin the 1988 FA Cup final.

At that time, Liverpool lose 0-1 from Wimbledon at Wembley Stadium so the faileddouble majored in United Kingdom.

The Reds, nickname of Liverpool, actually have a chance of forcing a restart action when getting a penalty. However, Aldridge who became executioners failed to menceploskn the ball because of his promptness Dave Beasant.

Awards and Offering Gerrard in Liverpool FC Museum

"I still love to weep and lament the defeat in that game," said Aldridge, when found in the Hilton Hotel, Liverpoolon Sunday (8/5/2016).

Aldridge regretted the failure of it because it was the final closing his career in Liverpool. After that, he moved the Club.

However, Aldo-so he called fixed loves Liverpool. This time, he became one of the legend that is often represented in client events.

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