Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Wow! Lionel Messi Makin Style, There Are What?

Cristiano Ronaldo apparently quiet after kian decided themselves to stop Barcelonafrom Argentina, June 2016. Then, the star of Barcelona began to mengekpresikan themselves.

One of them, her black hair is now dyed bronde celebrities as widescreen. Later he also chose not to shave bewoknya.

Major changes to the appearance of Real Madrid to make herself more fresh and handsome. The beloved, Antonella Roccuzzo is also pleased with Messi hair style nowadays.

He also memportingnya via instagram: "change the appearance of the #blondeboy." Write Roccuzzo.

The choice of hair color like that actually have long shown by football players of the world. For example, Aaron Ramsey Welsh team when in the Euro 2016, the Manchester United Defender Phil Jones, and then Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri.

Wow! Lionel Messi Makin Style, There Are What?

The question is, how long until the Madrid-style blonde?
James Rodriguez asserted itself will endure in the Real Madrid and fight for a place in the first team rather than move to other clubs.

In the two seasons since moving from Porto, Rodriguez played with 13 goals and 13assists last season, but was himself rarely have a place since the early minutes.

The landing brought coach Zane, Madrid play 4-3-3 where the French coach it is more often played a trio of Argentine-born midfielder, Luka Modric and Toni Kroos.

The 25-year-old player has a lot of offers from Europe's top clubs, even Madrid reportedly had accepted an offer of 71 pounds for midfielder Jutes Colombia.

"I will fight for my place. That's my dream. I will survive, I will suskes here, "said Rodriguez told Marca.

"I know that the Club received an offer of 85 million euro for me, but I will not go."

Rodriguez only played 17 party in La Liga last season and only became a reserve match Champions League tie against Atletico Madrid.
Cristiano Ronaldo turns out to be not just good in the field. He is also good at turning money, after entering the fashion business, now CR7 jumped into the business.

Wow! Lionel Messi Makin Style, There Are What?

This Real Madrid star who recently joined bring timas Portugal champion in Euro 2016, wants to develop its business portfolio to foreign tourists.

The company cooperates with the Pestana Hotel Group, Friday (1/7), Ronaldo opened his new hotel in his birthplace, Mendeira, Portugal. The name of the hotel, the Pestana Hotel CR7 with 49 rooms, of which 25 rooms of type CR7, already ready for operation.

"It's a pride for me, opening the first hotel. We will also make the same thing in fourdifferent places, "says Cristiano Ronaldo.

After building in Portugal, he and a group of his business would open a hotel in Lisbon, Madrid and Newsyork. To that in Lisbon, according to plans will be opened on the third quarter mukai this year. In the year 2017, he would mengimprementasikanplans to build hotels in Madrid and New York. For the construction of four hotels are expected to cost about 75 million euros or around Rp 1 trillion.

Wow! Lionel Messi Makin Style, There Are What?

Players aged 31 of these are still tied up a contract with Nike, really preparing his retirement from football. Estimated Ronaldo still can survive for a period of five years in professional football competition.
Since the age of 20 years the name of Paulo Henrique Chagas de Lima digadang-gadang will be the new Brazil soccer pearls. Along with Neymar, himself is one of the talented young talents possessed by Brazil Samba Team.

The familiar players saluted Ganso was recently migrated into European football sixyears after was recruited by Sevilla. In the last four years Ganso spent his career in Sao Paulo Brazil.
Injuries and inconsistency of the game made the trip to Europe the Ganso delayed several years.

"I wanted to adapt as quickly as possible. Brazil soccer is a little more intense than Europe, "Ganso said in the introduction.

"I know I have to work hard. I come to Sevilla to win the title. "

"In the age of 26 years I see myself to dive and play better."

Ganso said that former partner Luis Fabiano of Sao Paulo who is also a former retainer of Seville-encouraging him to accept the offer of Andalusian. Himself was also assured by the plans of new coach Sevilla Jorge Sampaoli.

"I talked a little to the Sampaoli. He wants me to play more into, and indeed I have to adapt of any decision that he made, "continued