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Two Paintings of luxury, a sign of separation from the City for Pellegrini

Manchester City's owner, Sheikh Mansour, purchased 2 paintings for Manager Manuel Pellegrini.

Two of the paintings as a parting gift for Pellegrini who will leave The Citizens at the end of this season. The Manager of the origin of Chile is not retained after the management chose Josep Guardiola to deal with Sergio Aguero and coauthors on next season.

One of the paintings for Pellegrini is painting the secrets that made l. s. Lowry pricewith millions of pounds sterling. Beautiful gift as a form of apresisasi from the upperjoint performance Pellegrini Mansour City for 3 years.

City Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak,, gave a farewell gift to Pellegrini at the Etihad Stadium at the end of last week.

While paintings by Lowry kept secret, the second painting created by Stephen Wright and purchased from the Website Art, a gallery based in Hale.

The second painting describe the atmosphere supporters at Etihad Stadium in a match against Aston Villa in the summer of 2013-2014.

Liverpool dramatically after throwing away a 3-0 advantage in the Crystal Palace, City beat Villa which makes the chances of Champions are in their hands.

Two Paintings of luxury, a sign of separation from the City for Pellegrini

City's victory over Newcastle United 4-0 in the last game made them make sure holds a Premier League in the season premiere of Pellegrini.

The last match West Ham's Upton Park Stadium against Manchester United had delayed for 45 minutes. A number of West Ham hooligan blocked roads and attacked the team's bus.

Wayne Rooney had revealed that the aircraft attacked the bus on the way to the stadium for the farewell match of the stadium.

Manager Louis van Gaal reacted is rumored to have to struggle to penetrate the fanatical supporters of West Ham crowd to enter and prepare his team competed. The incident started when the driver of his bus deflect towards the gate of the stadium.

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According to ESPN, Van Gaal reacted briefly exposed fractions and throw objects from the outside. The brutal action to hollow out the window of a bus and a police officer from London and one citizens reportedly suffered minor injuries.

United then asked the match postponed so that they have time for preparation ahead of the match.

Two Paintings of luxury, a sign of separation from the City for Pellegrini

"It was a bad action. Coaches hit by a throw, but we are now here, so we have beenpreparing for the match and preparing to run the task. We knew this was a big game for West Ham, but I'm sure the Club will be disappointed with what you have done the fans, "said Rooney Sky Sports was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, wakis West Ham Chairman David Sullivan claims to be unhappy with the delay requested by the team. He blamed United because it comes late. Manchester United also asked delay when the match against Tottenham Hotspur (10/4/2016) because they were late leaving the hotel the place to stay, which resulted in the team interrupted traffic in London.

"I am very disappointed and his supporters more disappointed again. We've got trains-trains and buses. We've got an incredible event after the match. Many fans will not be able to survive it, "said Sullivan told Sky Sports.

According to Sullivan, man. United was supposed to arrive at 4:00 p.m. local time. They make the same mistake as when against the Spurs. He denied to the BBC that there had been an attack on the coach.

"There is a density on the highway and they had trouble brought in coach. There are people in the vicinity, but there were no attacks to the coach, "he said.

Two Paintings of luxury, a sign of separation from the City for Pellegrini

Leicester City Manager, Claudio Ranieri, claimed to dislike the style tiki-taka which puts mastery of the ball. As the people of Italy, he was giving priority to defense solid.

A preference reflected itself when Ranieri's tactics was appointed coach of Valencia in 1997. The club called Los Che was a team of non-Italy first in career Ranieri.

As a team of Spain in General, Valencia sued demonstrated wonderful football. However, Ranieri insisted with the style of his native country.

"In Valencia in the early 1990s, they asked me to play tiki-taka. I say, Ánda recruitingthe wrong coach. I don't like the ball ', "said Ranieri.

"Some of our players also want to be like Rivaldo and Luis Figo at Barcelona. However, I explained, ' we could generate the amount of shots and cross with them ', "he said.

The decision has reportedly proved to be telling. He took Valencia finish in four major zones of two consecutive seasons. They are entitled to perform in Champions League qualifying.