Jumat, 20 Januari 2017

Because of the Estelada Flag, Barca were fined Rp 2.3 M

The fine will be suspended if the incident does not recur within two years.

In his statement, El Barca assess the UEFA decision has disturbing freedom of expression and unfairly assessed. Therefore, they would have pursued a different way to cancel the decision.

Barca is not for the first time receive a fine like this. They never fined approximately 40,000 euro due to the existence of the estelada flag in the matches of the group stage against Bayern Leverkusen in September 2015.

Earlier, in July 2015, Barca is also obliged to pay of 30,000 euros after supporters flag of catalonia Barca in the final of the Champions League.

UEFA provided a number of the punishment on the basis that there should be no political symbols in soccer. While independence was a symbol of Catalan estelada. Nasser Al-Khelaifi to answer questions about the lack of desire to bring PSG players very good classmates Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) and Xavi (FC Barcelona).

Because of the Estelada Flag, Barca were fined Rp 2.3 M

Kegarangan Ronaldo and Neymar in front of the opponent is not unquestionable anymore.

Ronaldo's success to carve 364 goals in 348 matches along with Real Madrid, whileXavi managed to pack the 85 uniformed party 141 goals in Barcelona.

"What you say is not true," said Al-Khelaifi.

"One day, when we won the Champions League, I'll tell you a secret," said 42-year-old man was. The figure of the birth of Doha, Qatar, also talked about the attacker mainstay PSG, Edison Cavani, who doubted his capacity to become a spearhead, afterZlatan Ibrahimovic ensured will not extend the contract. " It seems like the media did not see things clearly. We have a tough scorer, "said Al-Khelaifi.

"Cavani is one of the best attackers in the world. Take a look at the goals he prints throughout his career. Why do we need to look for someone else? "said the President.

Although his abilities are often covered by kedigdayaan Ibrahimovic, Cavani indeedremains able to perform optimally to Parc des Princes stronghold. Besides taking part deliver PSG grabbed the 10 prestigious titles, the Uruguay striker was already collecting 81 goals and 18 assists since docked in Paris on July 16, 2013. Due to the release of these photos, Ezquerro received much scorn in social media from Atletico supporters.

Because of the Estelada Flag, Barca were fined Rp 2.3 M

As reported by Marca, a 17-year-old girl was briefly shut down its social media account due to can't stand with treatment supporters.

The photos were circulated after Ezquerro marked in uploaded photos of friends and teammates at Atletico, Maria Calvo, who is also a supporter of Real Madrid Now, Ezquerro apologized to fans of Atletico after he participated in celebrating the successes of Real Madrid won the Champions League in the Plaza de Cibeles, in central Madrid.

He also revealed the reason why he was celebrating the achievement of kesumat rival Atletico. " Since childhood, I have been a fan of Real Madrid, although his father liked the passion of Atletico. Then, I have always supported the success of both the team throughout the season, "said Ezquerro Marca quoted from.

"I've been playing with Atletico Madrid Feminas in three seasons. I proudly defend the Rojiblancos uniform, showing the joy and commitment in every game or practice session. I am proud to represent the national team of Spain and Atleti, "he said.

Ezquerro pun very reasonable to say that if someone has a love of a club. Although, it is contrary to the current dibelanya.

"There are a lot of top players in the world of club football with passion and sacrifice, even if they are the supporters of different teams. I was 17 years old and became a victim of the use of social media is wrong, "said Ezquerro.

"I admit to have made mistakes and I am willing to accept the consequences. I alsohave to say never gave consent to to my friend (Maria Calvo) to upload that picture,"he said.