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Lincoln Red Imps, Ruler Of The Gibraltar Football

This time, Lincoln became the fruit of the lips over the success of the Julio César Ribas forces conquered the giant Scottish Club, Celtic FC, with a score of 1-0, in the first game of the Champions League second qualifying round of the 2016-2017, Tuesday (12/7/2016).

Inevitably, the success of Lincoln reaped praise from the head of the Government of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo.

"Tonight we showed true spirit of Gibraltar. We may be a small country and inexperienced at international level but we're not struck with the reputation of the opponent, "stated Picardo. This success a surprise because Lincoln was a team reinforced bymost of the players who worked part time.

In fact, many players had to complete his job first before against Brendan Rodgers.
Lincoln team progress from a young age with regard to Gibraltar Police in the mid-1970s and penetrate the top Board since 1984.

Since then, they dominated the Gibraltar by lifting the 22 degree in 3 over the next decade. They also had 7 times to win the treble of League title, i.e. Rock Cup, SeniorCup.

Like the other teams who are in the area, Lincoln played in the Victoria Stadium capacity 5,000 seats. It is also intended for the annual music festival of Gibraltar.

With Gibraltar getting full membership of UEFA in 2013, Lincoln gets the honor of being the first team origin of Gibraltar that appeared in the Champions League the following year.

They won 6-3 in the aggregate over the Faroe Islands team, HB, in first qualifying. However, in the 2015-2016 season, Lincoln got rid of team origin, FC Santa Coloma of Andorra, with a 2-1 aggregate.

One of the goals of Lincoln created Lee Casciaro, a member of the police. Casciaro also scored the sole goal to Celtic last night.

Unfortunately, they stalled on the second qualification. They were removed by the original team, FC Midtjylland, Denmark with an aggregate 0-3.

Coach ever handled was imprisoned

Behind Lincoln's greatness,, conquering the Celtic of the figure of the trainer, Julio Ribas. The known Uruguay coach after twice leading Penarol.

Lincoln Red Imps, Ruler Of The Gibraltar Football

In the first period of training the team the Montevido, Ribas success brings the teams earned a domestic in 1999. That success slowly dissipated due to the actions of the temperamental Ribas himself.

He was once jailed for eight days because it involved a fight with players and coaching staff at the end of the match against derbi Nacional.

Ribas later became the coach of the Oman but was fired after leading the 3 match.

Brief profile of Lincoln Red Imps FC

Long name: Lincoln Red Imps Football Club

Designation: Lincoln

Victoria Stadium: Stadium

Capacity: 5,000

Chairman: Derek Alman

Manager: Julio Cesar Ribas

League Premier Division: Gibraltar

2015-2016 season: Champion

Achievements: 22 degree Gibraltar Football League, 17 degree Rock Cup, and 18 degree Gibraltar CupCeltic Senior League goal lost striker Lincoln, Lee Casciaro, on 47minutes. Celtic needed a win in the second leg of the game if you want to keep theasa stepped up the group phase.

Sky Sports sites mentions the defeat as one of the most embarrassing defeat in its history the Club aged 128 years.

However, Rodgers wasn't too dizzying results. " The defeat of the US is indeed disappointing, but we're not embarrassed. A match against Lincoln Red Imps heavy for us.

Celtic failed to take advantage of opportunities, while they can do it, "said the former Liverpool coach.

Rodgers is quite optimistic with his team up to tackle the deficit goal in the second leg at Celtic Park, Glasgow, next week. That's why coach 43 years old were asked thefans of Celtic FC to not troubled.

"The supporters want us to qualify for the group phase and the players are already trying. I want the fans stay calm, because Celtic FC players very good and work hard.We will need your full support in the second leg, "said Rodgers.